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SENSITIVE WETLANDS - ESS Protects Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station.

In 2003, Earthquake Safety Systems' Apollo 2100 unit was installed to help protect Pt. Mugu's environmental wetlands and the Mugu Lagoon from contamination by JP-8 fuel.

A fuel farm sits adjacent to the environmental wetlands and, although the tanks are protected by containments, there is the potential that material in the pipelines between the tanks and the pump house might be released into the environment. In the event that product is being pumped at the time of a significant seismic event, the threat of environmental damage increases.

ESS' Apollo 2100 Series Seismic Switch is a key component in the earthquake actuated shutoff system. The standard Apollo unit provided a simple, direct interface to the client's PLC; enabling the Pump House control logic to automatically shut down pumping operations in response to a strong seismic event.

At the time of commissioning, several tests were performed by NAWS Pt. Mugu personnel and contractors in order to confirm that the Apollo Seismic monitor would not trigger from base operations and non-seismic events. Tests included loaded fuel truck ingress/egress past the pump-house (Apollo location), a 100 lb. weight dropped several times within 8' of the Apollo and a low altitude fly-by of four fighter jets in formation!

The NAWS Pt. Mugu project manager was so impressed that he recommended ESS' products be used at a second facility; resulting in two (2) more ESS seismic monitors subsequently being shipped to the Navy.

For the military's 'write up' on this project click here...
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