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Rancho M3.0 Cucamonga Earthquake, 2009

Rancho Cucamonga School District Early Warning

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In 2009, a M3.0 seismic event centered in Rancho Cucamonga, CA triggered the early warning systems at multiple schools in the Central School District.  The Guardian 2000 Seismic Controllers installed at three schools within the district have been operating since 1995 (following the Northridge EQ 1994).  Each unit has a pre-recorded message which is automatically fed into the school's PA system upon detection of a seismic event.
Unfortunately (fortunately for the students) the event occurred in the evening so, only the nearby residents heard the warning!  Given the close proximity of the earthquake's focus, the warning was, for practical purposes, concurrent with the S-wave arrival.  However, the San Andreas Fault lies 20 miles to the north of this school district.  A major seismic event on the San Andreas will result in sufficient P-wave / S-wave separation to provide students with 5+ seconds of advance warning- just enough time to 'Drop, Cover, Hold!'
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