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KEEPING BART ON-TRACK - San Francisco selects ESS Technology; addressing the EEW Blind Zone.

In the early 90's, the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit selected ESS technology seismic triggers and switches for early seismic warning enabling BART light-rail trains to decelerate prior to the arrival of strong ground motion- reducing the risk of derailment and injury to passengers. Then, in 2001, the City and County of San Francisco Airport Commission chose ESS to supply one (1) Guardian 2000 Seismic Monitor (see note below) and two (2) Apollo 2100 units for their Seismic Alarm and Monitoring System.

The West Bay Bart Extension was a multibillion project extending the rail system directly into the San Francisco Airport and improving service to other areas of the West Bay. In 2004, the BART West Bay Extension purchased five (5) ESS Saturn S-001 Smart Seismic Switches for integration into their earthquake monitoring network. In 2007 BART added two (2) more Saturns to their inventory.

BART purchased additional Saturn S-001 seismic switches in 2009, 2010 and 2013- adding 'resolution' to their network and addressing the earthquake early warning (EEW) blind zone in the CISN broadcast alarm signal.

ESS has been keeping BART engineers happy since 2001.  Clearly, ESS offers its clients seismic monitoring instrumentation which seamlessly integrates with legacy hardware.

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