Many facilities store or pump large volumes of diesel or jet fuel product.  There is the potential for spillage from an earthquake- especially during transfer operations.   EPO (Emergency Power Off) buttons used to manually shutoff the fuel in response to emergencies may not be accessible in an earthquake.

In ecologically sensitive areas, spillage of any amount may not be acceptable.  In other cases, the risk to equipment or personnel may warrant an earthquake actuated automatic shutoff response.
ESS has installed seismic switches and controllers for applications ranging from high-rise buildings with diesel powered generators to military bases with jet fuel and diesel handling operations.  Facility operations personnel & safety officers will find ESS seismic controllers to be reliable (avoid false positive alarms) and feature rich.
  • ASCE 25 Certified; Office of the State Architect, California
  • UL fabrication
  • Low Level Seismic Alarm (Advisory); High Level Seismic Alarm (Shutoff); Form C contacts
  • Scalable autonomy
  • State of the art digital sensor; field programmable; XYZ peak acceleration data
  • Control relays, solenoids, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric-motor operated valves
  • Actuator circuit protection built into the seismic controller.
  • Extended warranty available

ESS’ White Paper on Earthquake Actuated Shutoff Systems is a useful primer on the subject.

For more information and a handy chart for estimating the expected peak ground acceleration based on earthquake magnitude and distance click here.

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